1. I am at work right now, blogging because there is no work to do. Yet I am paid more here than I have been paid in the past at much busier, harder jobs. Although I’m still not paid a lot. The world doesn’t make much sense.

    This facility has windows. I discovered while getting my MLS degree that most libraries, particularly if they were built before a certain time, are windowless. Makes sense if you figure they existed primarily to house books, not people, which of course isn’t true anymore. But no one should have to work in a room with no windows.

    I’m not sure if the penultimate sentence of the last paragraph should have used an em-dash or semicolon or what instead of that final comma. I used to be pretty good at grammar and spelling and semantics and punctuation, but now I kind of don’t care as much, and find the people who pick on these things irritating, particularly because they are usually wrong. So I guess maybe I do care and just find the self-righteously incorrect irritating.

    My fiance saw a community theater performance of Richard III yesterday, and sometime during intermission there was a surprise marriage proposal between two audience members who were friends of the cast. The cast asked her to get up on the stage and, because presumably she was so renowned for her knowledge of Shakespeare, she had to name the number of the sonnet one of them recited to her. Then her boyfriend got up on stage and asked her to marry him. Or at least, I think that’s how the story went. So she responded with “Yes! A thousand times yes!” So my fiance was like, “I guess that’s from Shakespeare, but I can’t remember which play.” And I said “It would be funny if it wasn’t, but was from a Jane Austen novel or something.” So I googled it of course, and it’s from Pride and Prejudice. But other people had the same question, apparently, and the responses are embarrassing.

  2. I plan to pick up Lean In from my public library today after work. I figure that since I’ve been trashing it so much to anyone who will listen, I should read it at least. Get ready for a play-by-play of my experience. It might happen here.

  3. I’ve been on the internet too long, reading about wedding venues and then “25 issues you should discuss with your mate before marriage,” and wondering a few things.

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  5. My husband, photographer Michael Nye, once photographed in a West Bank Palestinian refugee camp for days, and was followed around by a little girl who wanted him to photograph her. Finally, he did — and she held up a stone with a poem etched into it. (This picture appears on the cover of my collection of poems, 19 Varieties of Gazelle — Poems of the Middle East). Through a translator, Michael understood that the poem was ‘her poem’ — that’s what she called it. We urged my dad to translate the verse, which sounded vaguely familiar, but without checking roundly enough, we quoted the translation on the book flap and said she had written the verse. Quickly, angry scholars wrote to me pointing out that the verse was from a famous Darwish poem. I felt terrible.

    I was meeting him for the first and last time the next week. Handing over the copy of the book sheepishly, I said: ‘Please forgive our mistake. If this book ever gets reprinted, I promise we will give the proper credit for the verse.’ He stared closely at the picture. Tears ran down his cheeks. ‘Don’t correct it,’ he said. ‘It is the goal of my life to write poems that are claimed by children.’


    Naomi Shihab Nye, from her essay “Remembering Mahmoud Darwish” 

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  8. Writing this thing right now that makes me feel like a psychopath.

  9. I just watched the first season of “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” on Netflix, which is the greatest (but beware of really gross and horrifying medical stuff). But it is hilariously horrible.

    And now I must go to bed because it’s daylight savings time’s end (I think) and I wish I had something to make me sleepy. I also need to clean the cat boxes because they just keep shitting despite everything.

  10. I have not updated lately because my life is kind of depressing.